About Wag & Bone

The inspiration for our dog subscription boxes all started with a sausage. Nope not the kind you put in a hot dog. The Dachshund kind to be precise. Rachel and Tom rescued Rupert the Dachshund from the Dogs Trust in August 2016. He was a funny little thing, who had a ponchant for socks and was fussy about food. They knew they were in for a challenge to keep him interested particularly, as despite everything, he always chose the sock over the fun new toy or gave one sniff of his food and would saunter off in a strop! Rachel and Tom spent a lot of time and money on trying to find the right food for Rupert, that didn’t upset his stomach or make his skin itchy, buying various toys that either got relagated to the bottom of the pile or destroyed in a few minutes, to treats that weren’t high value enough. It turned out that Rachel and Tom weren’t the only ones struggling with this dilemma and so armed with the knowledge that a fussy dog brings, Wag & Bone dog subscription boxes was born.

Our promise

Every single product that goes into our dog subscription boxes has been tried and tested by Rupert, all sourced from brands we love and trust. All food and treats are made from natural ingredients, accessories have been given the paw of approval and all toys have passed the Dachshund test. (Trust us, they love to destroy things, and they’re pretty efficient at it). We only work with vendors who care deeply about the health and happiness of dogs as much as we do.




Instagram: @wagandbonebox

Facebook: /wagandbonebox

Favourite Treat: Mint Chocolate Chip Icecream

Favourite Food: Pizza’s and Burgers, (but only on special occassions ;). All the healthy stuff!

Loves: Snuggling with Rupe, travelling and Murder She Wrote.

Dislikes: Hoovering




Product Tester

Instagram: @ruperttherescuedachshund

Favourite Toy: Anything that squeaks!

Favourite Treat: Frankfurters! No joke!

Favourite Food: Lily’s Kitchen – Scottish Salmon & Trout Gluten Free Dry Food for Dogs with a wet topping of Fish Supper

Loves: Woofing, meeting new dogs and snuggling under the duvet.

Dislikes: People who don’t say hello, loud noises and the hoover.