In our launch box we included a fabulous dog toy called a Tuggers™ Twist. It’s from the maker of the very successful Ruffle Snuffle® rug created by Sarah White, an animal behaviourist and trainer, who uses positive reinforcement methods to train and enrich animals’ lives.

Just like the Ruffle Snuffle® rug, the Tuggers™ Twist dog toys are lovingly hand made in Britain, which we love. You can’t beat hand made! The Tuggers™ Twist dog toys are great fun and everyone who purchased their first box said their pets just love theirs. The fleece is strong, stretchy and machine washable making it a great fabric for weaving into fun shapes and toys for dogs.

These dog toys come in some amazing colours which can even be customised to your colour scheme. There are three sizes which relate to the diameter of the Tuggers™ Twist so choose the one that suits your dogs mouth. They all measure at least 14inches from knot to knot.


  • Small – Approx 1 inch diameter: For smaller dogs who weigh under 40lbs – Approx 1 inch diameter
  • Medium – Approx 1.5 – 2 inches in diameter: For medium sized dogs weighing 40lbs and over
  • Large – At least 2 inches in diamater: For bigger dogs who are over 70lbs in weight

If you fancy purchasing one of these fab dog toys just head on over to Ruffle Snuffle® alternatively you can add one to your monthly box.

Tuggers Twist Ruffle Snuffle Dog Toys